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Men are the weaker sex, scientists claim

Technically Incorrect: Hate to tell you, boys, but you get a bum deal from your mum when it comes to some of your DNA, and that can make you more susceptible than your sisters to…

Philips SHB9250, SHB6250 y SHB3060, auriculares con Bluetooth

La holandesa Philips empieza ya a preparar la temporada de verano presentando tres nuevos auriculares inalámbricos con conectividad Bluetooth. Los nuevos Philips SHB9250, SHB6250 y SHB3060 son tres modelos supraaurales pensados para todos los que…

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Microsoft to encrypt Bing searches by default

Already available as an option, the new default encryption will ensure that your Bing searches and results will be protected from prying eyes, including advertisers. Source: